About Bee Depot 关于蜂仓

Bee Depot is a local company, and also an exporter of New Zealand Manuka honey 新西兰麦卢卡蜂蜜. We make sure that the Manuka honey we source is independently laboratory tested and certified according to the Unique Manuka Factor grading system, or UMF, which means buyers can be confident in knowing the product is authentic Manuka honey from New Zealand.

The purity of the New Zealand Manuka honey graded in UMF levels, base in the presence of the bioactive antibacterial compound Methylglyoxal, or MGO, mg/kg in the honey.  The fact about MGO.

We make sure that the Manuka honey we supplied will be no less than the UMF value shown on every jar of Manuka honey.

Part of what makes us special is that we know the beekeepers personally, from the harvest of the honey to every process of a finished product.

NZ Ministry for Primary Industries Exporter ID: GLENDHU98